lazer epilasyon fiyatları Adana - WHAT IS LASER HAIR REMOVAL ? Laser hair removal process is a system which places emphasis on twilight complexion. The dawn applied is absorbed by the dark colored melanin colour, which hands the "hairs-breadth" dye, and the hair follicle is destroyed along with the warming. Finish assured hair removal process is not possible, the success of all mane removal engineerings utilized is 80-85%. The most suitable patients for the mane removal process are lily-white skin kinds and light hairs, without any health problems that will trigger whisker raise . WHAT TO KNOW IN LASER EPILATION Laser epilation can be applied to all areas except intranasal, eyelid and adana lazer epilasyon merkezleri ve fiyatları ear.image class="left" url="" There is no technical data had demonstrated that laser epilation makes cancer or infertility. Application is a medication for skin and lazer epilasyon adana fiyatları skin. The light-headed energy used in the process can reach to the mantle where the hair are in our scalp. Laser hair removal with the claim organisation and doses is permanent. Direction to Hormone Disorder Factors such as illness that provoke hair, medicines that initiation "hairs-breadth" rise, and maternity can cause whisker growing . BE CAREFUL ! Laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy. Although there is no negative technical find, the hormonal commonwealth will cause the mane to be triggered after the maternity . hair removal is not recommended. Patients with cardiac pacemakers cannot benefit from epilation. Parties with cardiac pacemakers have a sensibility to electronic designs and lawsuit cardiac arrhythmia . can. If there is infection in the body( herpes, fungus, etc .), the epilating period is be deferred to upright management. An further increasing lesions may occur if the procedure is taken. If antibiotics are expended, the mane removal conference is be deferred to a minimum of one week after therapy. Use of antibiotics can cause light-headed sense and discolouring difficulties. Clients who use Roacuttane or their counterpart pharmaceutical may benefit from hair removal after a minimum of 6 months of treatment . If the solarium is enrolled or browned, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 20 eras before the epilation discussion . The wavelengths of light-colored used for "hairs-breadth" removal are effective in recognizing dark colours. For this reason, lily-white, gray or yellowish "hairs-breadth" is not laser mane removal. The most effective method for this type of "hairs-breadth" with needles It is epilation. It is important to report the dopes expended regularly before the epilation process to the consultant esthetician.image class="left" url="" Some drugs may cause sense to light-colored and may increase the dangers of burns . In patients carrying a metal prosthesis, direct shots on the prosthesis should be avoided . Epilepsy patients are not recommends to epilation management. The light emitted during the procedure may provoke a possible epilepsy crisis . Patients with hormonal ill( cyst in the ovaries, increased copulation hormones, thyroid nervousnes, lazer epilasyon fiyatları adana etc .) should be given to the patient to know the duration of the session .
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