Finally; after all the hard work and worry, your dollar store business is about to become a reality.  If you are starting a dollar store you have worked feverishly to set your store up exactly as you had envisioned.  Now the dollar merchandise has arrived and you are busy going through the dollar merchandise receiving process and then properly stocking the shelves with the treasures you expect shoppers to snap up as quickly as possible.  You have been busy developing a plan for your dollar store grand opening.  The date is finalized and almost everything is ready to go. 

If you are starting a dollar store, there are certain actions you want to take as you open the doors for the first time.  In this article I present 5 actions you should remember to take during your dollar store grand opening.

Action #1) Stay right out in front. 

Welcome and meet the customers.  Hand out free items.  Let them know you plan to be an active part of your dollar store business.  Just a little Tour du lịch Myanmar effort out front with those coming to your grand opening can pay long term rewards for those starting a dollar store.

Action #2) Offer refreshments.

This low cost action makes a difference.  It doesn’t take much work to offer a free assortment of simple items like a beverage and popcorn. Tour du lịch Myanmar   Others may want to consider pizza or possibly sweet treats.  This can be a low cost, yet effective means of making the visit to your store special for all of the first time shoppers who enter.

Action #3) Take lots of pictures.

Capture the memories of your dollar store grand opening event.  You have worked hard to make your dollar store business a reality.  Capture the memories by taking many photos.  Be sure to take photos of every aisle while it is filled to the top Tour du lịch Myanmar with dollar merchandise. 

Action #4) Remember your first customer.

While you want every shopper to feel they are valued, your first shopper is special.  There are really two you need to remember; the first to enter your dollar store business and the first to actually purchase dollar merchandise.  Simply recognizing them and thanking them for coming can turn a curious visitor into a lifelong shopper.

Action #5) Enjoy the experience.

Starting a dollar store is a special experience few will ever have.  Stay engaged in all of the activities.  At the same time, periodically take a step back and take it all in.  Enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of opening a dollar store.
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