Social bookmarking has exploded on the web. 0 allows you to share the content that you're publishing on the Internet. Now we're going to show you one component of Web 2. This technique is what is referred to as social bookmarking. Are you a fan of writing contests?

It allows users of social bookmarking websites to share links with other users and friends. One, I can't how to write an article and two I'm rather limited by genre. A search engine works by a spider (software that searchers through a website) searching through a website. In part one of this series we introduced you to the new and exciting technologies available at Web 2.

If you're not familiar about how a search engine works, I'll briefly explain it for you. Search engines love social bookmarking sites because the content is always being updated and the links are user created. This is where your website comes in, you'll need a link on an already established website for the spider to follow back to your site.

Now, when this spider finds links on a website, it will follow it to the next website or webpage. The bots from the search engines take that into consideration when they are ranking your site. Never submit your web page through the conventional ' submit url ' link found on search engine pages; rather get quality incoming URL links and let the search engine spiders find your site.

I simply can't write romance stories! The people that are members of the social bookmarking sites are telling other hey look at this page is has some good content. Many search engines also look at the tags for the bookmark and take that into consideration. You know power of positive thinking and all that. Maybe authors like me who have the same problem should stop saying CAN'T and instead say CAN.

I'll try, I'll give it my best effort. The more links you have to your site the more quality content you must have. The trick is to get indexed on Google quickly when you post something. Even if the link is blank, If you liked this article and you would such as to get even more facts regarding blog submission sites in india kindly check out the web site. those search spiders will assume that there is a reason for the link,they believe that your site has credible information. most of them taking only a few seconds.

If that answered enough quit reading. That is the short skinny on the subject. It still is a basic description even if it lacks MTV brevity. 1) search engine optimization - Search engine traffic is the best traffic out there. But, by then your topic is old news and people have moved on.

You need to get indexed and ranked quickly. So you need to get your blog optimized as much as possible. We all know that the Googlebot can indeed take his time in scanning your page and getting it on the infamous search engine. Engage in link building activities. Make sure as well that your blog's domain name contains your most important keyword. Submit your blog to blog directories.

Research you most important keywords and use them in writing and creating your blog content. Link out to other bloggers, they might link back. Participate in forums. Ask anybody who had been into internet marketing and that is exactly what they are going to tell you. Perhaps you have always wanted to compose the lyrics to a moving melody, or write short stories, or offer inspiration in unexpected ways.

Whoever stands or has stood in the way, allow them to be excused. We who await you will know that your gift is special and your reward will come in ways we cannot now imagine. Below is a more in depth but only basic description.

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