You've decided to make money with website marketing and you're eager to get your site in the search engines. Right now, let's concentrate on getting you indexed relatively quickly, so you can start to make money with website marketing.

As well you should be! Sometimes I just write for the sake of writing. But more about that next time. I social bookmarking sites. Probably the easiest way to bypass the labor-intensive aspect of internet marketing is to become an affiliate marketer.

Hand indexing your URL's to the MSN (Bing) can be done by going to Google and searching for the term "submit url Bing". You've got to optimize your pages, plug in your auto-responder, set up your payment options and download page, drive traffic.

You will find their site by clicking on the (Bing URL Submission) header. All you have to do on the Bing submission is the put your URL and click the submit button. Next thing I knew I was on my blog writing a post about editing, and than before I knew it I was on Squidoo making a lens on editing, and one thing lead to another and I found I had a whole article of editing, and thus this article came to be here.

This brings up a very good point about abuse/spamming. After all, it takes time to get a website up and running. Even if you use templates to build your site, there are a lot of website-related tasks you're going to have to spend time doing.

It some cases they will band your site completely. In this instance it also spreads the bad back to the search engines. If it is obvious to the site your postings can be deleted and your account suspended. I believe that most accomplished authors have gotten some kind of formal education, ie. , writing, literature, or speaking classes.

If you read the agreement when signing up for social bookmarking sites it states that you are not allowed to use these sites for you advertising. I mentioned earlier the advantages of having links from these loved sites. You may find the process with Bing is simpler to use than the Google submission.

This may be the next step for me, well at least writing and literature NEVER speaking, nope! Off-page optimisation is the process of obtaining quality incoming links to your website. I won't talk in front of anyone or anything except my bathroom mirror. And you're likely to get much better search engine rankings too.

Speak through your blog. When you write as much as I do, you end up having to do a lot of editing. What then is off-page optimisation and what is the essence of this ' beast '? You will be able to prove yourself as the expert through your comments and feedback. You can reciprocate by posting your comments on blogs of others.

Request for feedback and comments from visitors. By quality I mean sites that have a PR of 4 or more, government / authority websites and the obvious larger corporate links - obviously all pertinent to the subject matter of your website.

I've found the rhythm in this song to be sort of trance-like, which is usually the state I'm trying to reach when I get down to serious writing. Encourage more interaction. Active interaction will certainly help you get a much bigger reputation as an established authority in your field.

There's no official video for it, so I found one of what appears to be a robotic slug or undersea creature. If your web pages are keyword rich and targeted to specific keyword phrases, they are more likely to be indexed faster.

Really it's just here so you can here the song. Comments given are always treated as valuable information that will be of great help to improving your content or blog.

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