There is no escape to the subject that B-town has its personal dark side. In the last 12 months prior to my therapy began, I even utilized to inject drugs into my body." About the procedure of rehab, he was quoted saying that he did">bollywood drug addicts</a> not leave medication simply because of his loved ones, but simply because he wanted to be out of reportedly stated that it is much better to be "large on lifestyle" than on any "substance".

The rumors grew to become even stronger when in an interview the actor confessed that while in film school he had smoked few occasions the ‘smoking weed.' Also, he mentioned that for the shooting of the film ‘Rockstar' he has just employed the crying weed to be in the mood of the character that he played.

Bollywood provides you the stardom that we all wish to reside with but Bollywood has some dark secrets and techniques that not everyone knows about and addiction to glamour comes with a price, and occasionally our Bollywood celebrities do not realize what they do to themselves in the procedure of getting renowned.

Dealing with the truth that your identity will be blanked out by your spouse's, that you are going to forever be referred to as Mrs Bollywood Superstar, requires its toll, and at times, the individual snaps, and seeks refuge in the embroidered reality of a drug-induced large.

Go Goa Gone: This zomcom - the very first of its type Indian zombie film - has three pals played by Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari, waking up right after a rave party in Goa, to realise that all the inhabitants of the island have turned into zombies, after consuming an untested celebration drug.

A report by the government of India states that drug addiction is more and more turning into an area of concern as standard moorings, social taboos, self-restraint and manage-discipline of the joint family and community are steadily disappearing with urbanisation.
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