If this is a script you use to sabotage your dreams, it's time to stop! Many people blindly obey this inner naysayer. For example, if you Create voting polls for children, you might be better off with a writing buddy who does the same thing.

"If I'm not going to earn money from it, I shouldn't do it! Furthermore, you and your buddy should have similar levels of experience and talent so that the assistance you give one another is equal. In order to get many backinks you can start by submitting your site URL to the multiple link directories. Familiarity with your genre will add that much value to your partnership.

You can type in Google 'submit link' or 'submit URL' and the search engine will show you thousands of the sites where you can add a link to your site for free or a small payment for the featured submission. They decide they're already not "good enough" at something to justify spending time on the very thing they feel compelled to explore. In some of the directories your link will live forever.

" Is this your inner voice stopping you from pursuing something you would enjoy, like a creative endeavor, a sport, or an exploration? You can do it manually or use the service for the automatic submission to the hundreds of directories. This is pretty straight forward. Now that you have submitted your article(s) you now want to focus on directory submission.

Directory submission is the next way to build incoming links to your site. You will find plenty of directories to submit to. You simply find directories and submit a link to your site. To do this go to any search engine and type in "submit to directory" or "submit url to directory".

2) social media marketing - Facebook now has more than 500 million registered users. This fact alone should be enough reason for you to get your blog connected to Facebook. All you have to do is create a Facebook Page for your blog and use it to connect and communicate with both of your blog's established and potential readers.

Some people advise that writing buddies should be writers who work in the same or similar genres as your own work. Tip: When submitting your link to directories make sure you have keywords you want to be listed for chosen and a description of your site. Twitter is not as huge as Facebook but still it's a very effective marketing tool.

Don't forget to use social bookmarking sites as well like Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon. If you are persuasive, then you can make a good living as a copywriter. Whatever method you choose, do it. The better you are at this, the more you'll get paid. This is something you will want to do as well. Notice how I used the keywords in the title and description of this example site. It's not too difficult to increase your skills so you're getting a few hundred, even a few thousand dollars for each sales letter you write.

These are designed to convince people to buy something. That means you can write sales page and other sales pages. Publishing Methods: How should you publish your book? On this lens I explore the different options you have as a writer to get your book published. When you are done, you should enter the characters displayed in the Captcha code and click on the Submit button.

The Captcha code is a security measure to prevent robotic submission. When social bookmarking at Yahoo! What's the difference? Reading the articles and personal testimonies on Associated Content has proven that you can make a living working for AC if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

This is a big plus in getting your site indexed in the search engines highly. Buzz, you should not submit too many pages otherwise the moderator will ban your account.

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