The award-winning Arc5 system is a huge portion of Panasonic’s collection of electric shavers these days, providing lots of close, clean shaves which has a powerful motor to obtain through tough beards. Panasonic has employed this method on their own new electric shavers that happen to be in various prices that has demonstrated to be quite popular with consumers.

image class="left" url=""Here is more info regarding Braun Series 9 9290cc Review look at the site. The Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor is yet another inside the line that utilizes the famed Arc5, but would it endure for the high standards that Panasonic has set throughout the years.


There are various important options that come with the ES-LV95-S apart from the Arc5 making it a remarkable electric shaving system.

Arc5 Shaving System

Hyper-Performance Linear Motor

Built in Shaving Sensor

Premium Auto Cleaning

Premium Charging Station

Multi-Flex Head

Pop-Up Trimmer


Waterproof Design

10-Stage LCD

The shaving strategy is augmented via the powerful hyper-performance motor that gives 14,000 cuts per minute per blade. Which means 70,000 cross-cutting actions each minute to get a fast, clean shave. Increase this the beard sensor which adjusts the strength according to the density with the hair and you have a nearly perfect shaving system. The Multi-Flex head combined with the overall design makes this an exceptionally well designed unit.


There are lots of advantages that this unit provides, especially the mix of great features that work well well together in building a close, clean shave.

Ergonomic Design: It is an exceptionally designed electric shaver that gives a Multi-Flex head which will make shaving very simple from almost any angle. The razor will align along with the contours of your face, enabling close shaves of difficult areas such as jawline, chin, and neck.

Wet/Dry: You could step into the shower with the razor as well as make use of your favorite shaving gels or creams for getting a much smoother shave. The appearance of the system permits quick cleaning afterwards plus the robust design is ideal for dry shaving also.

Premium Cleaning Station: This is an excellent accessory that accompany the package and allows the device being cleaned with the touch of the mouse. Simply slide it into your station, press the button, and also the razor will probably be thoroughly cleaned for your upcoming use.

You can find basically no disadvantages all things considered with the ES-LV95-S razor. It’s slightly pricy, but thinking about the many attributes, overall design, and superb shaving action this can be a high-quality product.


If you are searching for one of the best electric shavers out there, the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Electric Razor fits the bill. It possesses a remarkable combination of great attributes which makes it one of the best shavers you can buy. Plus, the numerous features, durable materials, and Premium Cleaning Station suggests that under normal use conditions you are going to thoroughly love this particular product for many years ahead. Panasonic is often proud of the ES-LV95-S simply because it provides among the best shaving experiences for an electric razor.
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