best lawyers in Supreme Court of India - 188 of the Code is necessary. These fishermen till the year 1979 were exploiting exclusively the pelagic (surface) fish resources of the sea within the territorial waters by using the country crafts and the traditional nets. It is accordingly understood by the department and also by the trade circles. The latter compose of diverse varieties, based on personal liking and 383 taste, are being used. that the direction given by the Tribunal particularly interspersing is not workable.

image class="left" url=""-advocates in Supreme Court of India exercise of the powers conferred by Article 165 of the Constitution of India and all other powers enabling him in this behalf, the Governor of Punjab is pleased to make the following rules further to amend the rules regulating the remuneration and duties of the Advocate- General published with Punjab Government Notification No: 8746-JJ-53/38717, dated July 6, 1953 [hereinafter referred to as the Advocate-General Punjab (Remuneration and Duties) Rules, 1953], namely: When India became a Dominion every vestige of sovereignty was abandoned, equally so, by the States.

The diverse contentions give rise to the primary question whether the sanction of the Central Govt. The explanatory note appended to the Finance Bill 1964 would furnish the legislative intendment to amend the tariff item and the treatment meted out to toilet soap for tariff purpose. 1) Soap, household and Laundry 2) "Other sorts" and graded ad valorem tariff has been prescribed. These figures are not only sufficient to show the comparative advantage and disadvantage of fishing by purse seine gears as against by the traditional fishing crafts and nets but also the adverse effect which the use of the sophisticated gears had on the catch of fish by the traditional fishing crafts.

They bear higher rate of tariff. Earlier, Arunachal Pradesh had nominated a representative in Parliament. However, in that year for the first time, few rich enterprises introduced the use of purse seine gears for exploiting the pelagic resources of the sea by operating costly mechanical fishing vessels. Section 188 of the Code reads thus "Offence committed outside India-when an offence is committed outside India - (a) by a citizen of India, whether on the high seas or elsewhere; or (b) by a person, not being such citizen, on any ship or aircraft registered in India, he may be dealt with in respect of such offence asif it had been committed at any place within India at which he may be found: as required under proviso to s.

Household and laundry soaps are being used for cleaning household articles and utensils and washing the clothes while toilet soaps are for bathing purpose. State of Uttar Pradesh [1954] INSC 55; AIR 1954 SC 447 at P. , more than 1 hector and catches on an average 600 to 800 tonnes of fish per annum. 3 tonnes per annum which was reduced to 5 tonnes per annum in 1980-82. They receive their colour from each other as compendiously known in the commercial parlance that the former are meant for use for household purposes while toilet soap are for use for bath and are subject to higher rate of tariff at par with soap for commercial and industrial purposes.

Learned counsel for the State, however, pointed out that the upgraded Supervisors have put best advocates in Supreme Court of India long years of service and they have been discharging the same duties as directly recruited Junior Engineers and that this fact also has to be borne best lawyers in Supreme Court India mind in fixing the notional date of appointment of the two categories officers and best advocates in Supreme Court of India fixing their inter-se seniority. By an Act of the Government of India in 1971, the Union Territory was provided with one seat each in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, but these representatives were nominated by the President of India.

They all surrendered to the peoples of the land who through their representatives in the Constituent Assembly hammered out for themselves a new Constitution in which all were citizens, in a new order having but one tie, and owing but one allegiances devotion, loyalty, fidelity, to the Sovereign Democratic Republic that is India as was eloquently stated by Justice Bose in Virendra Singh and Others v. It is contended on behalf of State of A.

As against this, the traditional fishing crafts in the period 1969-71 could catch only 11. "HOME (JAILS & JUDICIAL) DEPARTMENT NOTIFICATION 7th August, 1975 No:12679-2JJ-75/25572. Toilet soap was kept lawyers in Supreme Court of India the packet of other sorts. A purse seine net which is on an average 400 metres in circumference, covers an area of 12,826 square metres, i. The purse seine is a sophisticated gear and covers a wide area. The contention of Sri Ganguli, the learned Senior counsel for the union is that statute always kept distinction between soap "household and laundry" and "other sorts".

The legislative history furnishes unimpeachable evidence that soaps used for household and laundry are compendiously treated as a class and are subjected to imposition of lesser tariff. It is seen that household and laundry soap was subjected to levy of tariff at a lesser rate than other sorts" ad valorem. They are commercially known as other sorts but not household.
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