They have been rated the most cost effective advertising company online and their prices are usually up to 80 percent cheaper than the other free advertising companies. Now that you have submitted your article(s) you now want to focus on directory submission. Read Short Stories: In order to become good at writing a short story, it's necessary to read short stories on a regular basis. Directory submission is the next way to build incoming links to your site.

These writers can provide you with an excellent - and free - education if you let them. This is pretty straight forward. Are you a fan of writing contests? To do this go to any search engine and type in "submit to directory" or "submit url to directory". You are following in the footsteps of excellent writers such as Raymond Carver and Flannery O'Connor. One, I can't Submit blog and two I'm rather limited by genre.

I simply can't write romance stories! Tip: When submitting your link to directories make sure you have keywords you want to be listed for chosen and a description of your site. Some social bookmarking sites don't have such features. You simply find directories and submit a link to your site. You will find plenty of directories to submit to. Yon can participate in the discussion at the social bookmarking sites.

In Digg, users can create a friend list and comment on each other bookmarks. Utilize as few characters as necessary. Describe only the personal traits or characteristics that are relevant to the story. You can read more information about Splickety Magazine and My Book Therapy by visiting their websites. You can build your credibility in the community by being active and commenting on others' bookmarks.

EChook offers apps full of well-written short stories that soothe the soul. You can create a large friend's list so that you can ask them to vote for your bookmarks. If you are interested in participating you can find more information here at Splickety Magazine's Lightning Blog including the submission guidelines. What types of short story does it offer?

Any restrictions, or preferred genres featured? You will notice there is no entry fee, but you will be limited to two entries. In return, you will vote for their bookmarks. Write industry specific articles and submit them to sites such as Ezine Articles (One link to your site per article accepted.

Keep learning new ways to get traffic to your website. Learn new ways to improve the clickthrough rates to your website. You can also follow both on Facebook. The main thing is to keep learning. Soon you'll have more traffic everyday. This is a slow process but good for building a reputation in your field).

Focus on the story line and on developing one main character - perhaps two if it is an adversarial piece. Of course there are other ways to get traffic to your website.

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