image class="left" url=""px;">image class="left" url=""We still have 8 models in reserve. It is time to get on with this stunning day in Haiti. As always, Thank you to your valuable prayer, love and assist! It is good to be back in Haiti! My "Haiti Desk" awaited me, with an excellent number of espresso. Early yesterday morning we had been on the airport making ready the Little Donkey for flight. Yahn, one other great "Water Mule", had loaded the Little Donkey and fueled it for the mission.

Anne Hill, a well known Producer / Director joined me. Cindy and i met Anne 8 years ago through the "Excessive Makeover" BLESSING! It was a great day to fly to Haiti. The trail was clear and hardly a cloud within the sky. We climbed to 15,000' and settled down for a pleasant journey. As we handed Grand Bahama Island, the sun peeked over the horizon. Love these glorious Caribbean sunrises. This was Anne's first experience in flying in a bit of bitty airplane.

We eased by way of the infamous "Bermuda Triangle" and not using a

We're awaiting the best time to depart. After we got again to the our hangar, we had been blessed to be visited by a number of dear friends, Mark and Ken. They had their kids with us and it was good to point out them the airplane. We have acquired future "Water Mules" in the making! Air Mobile is ready to do what Air Mobile does due to so many expensive associates who stand with us.

We had been also joined by my son, Christian and Peter (who snapped the shot) We're blessed! We inspected Ti Burik and topped off the O2 (Oxygen Tanks). She's able to go. Thank the Lord for this unimaginable tool! We then headed to our very favourite grasp-out on Saturday afternoon, "Dogs-R-Us". What a terrific day of football. LSU and Auburn battled it out and LSU came out on high. Oklahoma - Wisconsin. It was so good to be joined by my daughter-in-law Nikki and my daughter Cherie.

Had Christians youngsters w

In any case, would you really set up just a few hundred of your friends’ apps or the apps of all your favourite eating places, grocers, and laundromats? 2. Apps should fulfill a frequent, functional objective as a substitute of just providing info. When smartphones first appeared, main corporations rushed to make apps. Then they realized it was a real headache to keep up them. Each time you update data in your website or promote a product, it's important to do the identical on your app.

And every time a handset producer updates its working system, it's a must to debug your app to ensure it keeps working — plus there are the pains of managing bugs on completely different brands, models, and screen sizes. If you’ve ever been concerned in mobile app growth, you know what I’m talking about. The truth is, unless you're a serious retailer or content writer that should promote or deliver to prospects often, all you really need is a mobile-friendly webpage.

If information is all people want, they’re going to Google it in a browser.

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