There are some new and Some old trends being revisited in web design for 2019. Minimalism will nevertheless play a key role in web design. There's something about a classic design which makes it easy for people to get what they want. One trend that is coming back to the forefront is glitch art. Glitches will be used to give a futuristic vibe to a website.

Color and shape

Color and shapes are Always important when designing a webpage. In 2019, nevertheless, instead of actually seeing color, we'll be seeing more black and white palettes. Sites without color will be creating a dramatic statement inducing us to look at things a little differently. Select one component to have a little color, and a completely new dramatic effect is created. Lines and organic shapes are creating a sense of comfort and accessibility in 2019.


Chatbots continue to Evolve thanks to better technology. They'll be popping up more often. They will be colorful and hard to overlook the page. They will even be a bit more human like using a personality and face. You'll also see them as friendly branded designs also.

And more video content

Instead of studying a great deal Of content, as a society, we would rather watch a quick video. In 2019, there Will be more video content being developed thanks to Google. Google has Moved to prefer video content over standard content in hunts. Designers are Generating more video content to their pages to allow them to be discovered easier. Though there is no certainty what is really going to catch on in the brand new Year, but with the advancement of technology, it is going to be exciting to watch. More at please click the next page.
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