When travelers think of Amsterdam attractions, they likely don't think of churches first. However, the city has a number of beautiful worship places. Whether you're an avid churchgoer or you simply appreciate the beauty of the buildings, here are three of the most famous churches in the city. These are just a few of the many churches here, 더킹카지노쿠폰 so do a little research if there's a specific one you want to see on your travels.

Oude Kerk

The Oude Kerk is located in what many consider to be a strange place in Amsterdam. Travel to 'The Old Church' and you'll be smack in the middle of what's known as the city's Red Light District. You'll see a coffee house ('coffee house' is how the locals refer to a legal place to smoke marijuana), windows with sex workers in the front and even a day care in this eclectic area of the town. Oude Kerk is a Protestant church, even though the Catholics originally built it for their use. If you liked this information and you would certainly like to receive additional facts concerning 예스카지노먹튀 kindly visit the web page. The church is now open for visitors and many come to see the 17th century organ or to climb the tower for an impressive view of the city.


Westerkerk, or 'West Church,' is a Protestant church that is located near the Anne Frank House. Its tower is a symbol of the city and many famous Dutch songs and poems have been written in celebration of the church's tower, which is over 85 meters high and was completed in 1638. Visitors on Amsterdam sightseeing tours to Westerkerk can see where the famous artist, Rembrandt, was buried. Although the exact location is unknown, guests can pay their respects at a plaque that's located on one of the pillars, not far from where Rembrandt's son was buried. Services are still held at the church and Westerkerk is famous for 바카라사이트쿠폰 its Good Friday service that features the Choir of Westerkerk.

Nieuwe Kerk

Although its name means 'New Church,' the Nieuwe Kerk is actually one of the oldest buildings in the city. Visitors to Amsterdam travel here for artwork, however, not to worship. The Nieuwe Kerk hasn't been used for worship services in a number of years and is instead a popular exhibition space. Visitors can however view the chapel areas during opening hours through a café that's located in one of the attached buildings. The building is also used for organ recitals and royal events, such as the wedding between the Prince of Orange, Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima and the inauguration of Queen Beatrix. 

Other Amsterdam Attractions

The churches aren't the only Amsterdam attractions that bring travelers to this city. Amsterdam sightseeing tours can take tourists to different places such as the Anne Frank House and Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the famous canals, the coffee houses, 우리카지노계열주소 the Red Light District and more. The city's rich history means that visitors won't be searching long for fun things to do. Whether you're there for a week or a month, enjoy your time and make sure to explore the city on your own in between Amsterdam sightseeing tours. The experience will be sure to be one that you'll remember for a lifetime.
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