You can find major concerns when an individual listen to music or down load music.

Fans of training course get shafted sometimes spending high prices for materials, and fearing that most of that income would not go to the artists themselves.

Rather than trying to prevent piracy completely as this never works, we have to instead aim to provide a space for artists and fans to immediately interact, to come to an balance point with price
supply satisfies demand, and everyone will sense comfortable downloading that music because it is worth what you shell out the dough.

Songeist. com is looking at doing this In my opinion, and it should definitely work.

These people are non-exclusive; so may worry about signing your lifetime away.

Right from their site: site

"With record sales declining and weak, and more and more music distribution sites launching
we wanted to allow the artists and fans to be able to point us in the right direction. To get music or to upload music these days is usually a challenge...

Organizing your music Street Life as a new fan or as a good artist is important. We purpose to make this as simple as possible with a few unique tools for each to encourage a good atmosphere for new music available, listened to, downloaded, and understood.

We are simply as good as an individual tell us we are usually, so we want your own feedback on any level. Whether you are an artist, a fan, a blogger, or a venue proprietor, let us know just what you think to date

info@songeist. apresentando

Our strategy considering that day one has recently been about maximizing artists' exposure through the entire Internet. Before start we are using this holding site to market artists close to the world for totally free.

We hope that this will become a self-regulated variation of other music websites, communally promoted site of which gives the voice to the people that create the music, and the ones that will listen to it.

Become one of the very first to capitalize about this unique opportunity... we're artists as well, and we're confident that this framework has the probability of reach international followers all over the world.

Right now, we all have founder members through across the globe in addition to they are all people who are in the center of every industry, up plus coming, or make songs that you might not necessarily have heard before. "

We all as customers have a chance to generate enough income to eat, keep transparent with this business dealings with fans and give them value for money, listen to communal feedback, plus encourage other artists that might not have had typically the means before. This sounds like a REAL audio community.

I think that will as we continue to listen closely to music and wish to realize about new music, Songeist. com will fill typically the space that few music websites have never before.

We think as users we should let this optimistic and precise music local community develop well in this particular ever-changing world! Go in order to Songeist. com and explain to them what you consider!
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