"If I'm not going to earn money from it, I shouldn't do it! " Is this your inner voice stopping you from pursuing something you would enjoy, like a creative endeavor, a sport, or an exploration? Just enter "Submit best short stories" or "short story submissions" or "short story guidelines" or "writers guidelines for short stories" or something else just as similar, into the Google search box.

They decide they're already not "good enough" at something to justify spending time on the very thing they feel compelled to explore. Why not start by getting what you can get FREE links. If this is a script you use to sabotage your dreams, it's time to stop!

So, yes, there is a bit of wiggle room to that side of the short story definition. You probably won't have much luck trying to sell a 400-page avant garde experimental novel, but you might find a magazine willing to print a few thousand crazy-as-all-get-out words that the editor thinks passes for 'artistic' writing. Therefore, with the help of Google, do a keyword search for different string that could bring some directories, here are some examples of what I say, publish a site, web directory, free web site directory, submit url , and so on.

Keep looking, there are many of them, I'm sure it would be impossible to find them all. Many people blindly obey this inner naysayer. I then did research and found web sites that corresponded with my list. In fact, sites that have lots of social bookmarks even get ranked in the search engines better.

All you have to do is Google it. After a year of researching and building a client list I went full time. I am now so busy I can pick and choose who I want to write for, and what I want to write about. Many good website directory is free to file, directory, especially in specific regions.

But, by then your topic is old news and people have moved on. We all know that the Googlebot can indeed take his time in scanning your page and getting it on the infamous search engine. The trick is to get indexed on Google quickly when you post something. I started sending them sample articles, and by day's end I had a part time job writing online for money.

You need to get indexed and ranked quickly. Even if you are avoiding bad influences, there is a need for them to have external social interaction. One of the most effective ways of getting targeted website visitors are social bookmarking sites. I started out by making a list of my hobbies, interests and favorite things I wanted to write about.

Join the throngs that begin and end the collecting of all sorts of things from trading cards to Hummel figurines. Or you could take a step outside the conventional box. These are just five short tips to help you get started with your plan to generate traffic by writing articles for another website. The point is that you can play around a bit with form in a short story. You can pursue the common hobbies.

most of them taking only a few seconds. Some simple research will turn up plenty more! Plan play dates with other kids in the neighborhood. There is beading, calligraphy, playing in fantasy sports leagues, quilting, ham radio, whittling, building models and others that need little description. Go to the local park and encourage your child to play with others there.

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