I've discovered this thing called "Affiliate Marketing" where I essentially advertise for other people and if people buy their wares, I get a commission. Short stories can change your life. But where do you start? There is more to getting your site ranked high than just creating a great fully optimized, content-rich site.

They can change the way we look at something and the choices we make when we connect to the actions or experiences of the (fictional) character. I love the surprise of a short story (as long as I know it's not going to end horribly - I can't have red eyes from crying if I'm off to collect the kids or the next meeting).

And if the language is lovely too, there's tremendous joy in that. While on-site SEO is a very important part of achieving success in the search engines, there is also a lot that must be done off-site in order to achieve results. I could article websites or novellas, but it doesn't seem that I could make much money from that!

Free advertising online links have been around for over a decade now. Social bookmarking is huge when it comes to blog exposure and I think it ranks right behind blog commenting in terms of valuable backlinks to a growing blog. The problem is choosing which link you are going to spend the next 10 minutes reading about their alleged free service they offer.

There are many great sites that can help you promote all your sale ads but you still have to know the who's who of free online advertising. You can always Google free webmaster tools or submit url to search engines free. If you are interested in participating you can find more information here at Splickety Magazine's Lightning Blog including the submission guidelines.

And you're likely to get much better search engine rankings too. If your web pages are keyword rich and targeted to specific keyword phrases, they are more likely to be indexed faster. Also, the kids have benefited from learning more about working from home.

The children used to ask me when I was going to get a job like their dad, but now they know I have a job right from our living room. Your blog can go viral on social bookmarking sites - it's just a powerful oppurtunity. My eight year old daughter is in third grade and likes to bounce ideas back and forth with me.

She has a running tally of the number of articles I have sold each week. All of these projects will include study along with the active parts. You will notice there is no entry fee, but you will be limited to two entries. Have a website which includes the details about your company including services and rates, a bio of the people who run your company, your location, and contact information.

She will be making photo-journals of her work, some of which will be published online. You can read more information about Splickety Magazine and My Book Therapy by visiting their websites. You can also follow both on Facebook.

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